Question: 1 Employee s earnings record 2 Payroll register

____ 1. Employee’s earnings record
____ 2. Payroll register
____ 3. Executive orders
____ 4. Fair Labor Standards Act
____ 5. Immigration Reform and Control Act
____ 6. Unemployment insurance taxes
____ 7. Vesting
____ 8. Workers’ compensation insurance
____ 9. Family and Medical Leave Act
____ 10. Hiring notice

A. Also known as the Federal Wage and Hour Law.
B. Record used in preparing employee’s W-2.
C. Protection against losses due to work-related injuries.
D. Multicolumn form used to summarize data needed each pay date.
E. Highest-paid 10 percent of workforce can be exempted.
F. Antidiscrimination orders for employers with contracts involving federal funds.
G. Form sent to Payroll Department so that new employee is added to the payroll.
H. Form I-9 to be completed by all new employees.
I. Levied by both federal and state governments.
J. Conveys to employees the right to share in a retirement fund.

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