Question: Who were the Contras Which countries supported

Who were the Contras? Which countries supported them? SOLUTTION Nicaragua was controlled by the military dictator Somoza. He was overthrown by a group called the Sandinistas, named after a historical rebel. Because the Sandinistas wanted to make the society more equal and they overthrew a right-wing military man, they were demonized as communist. The US tried to destroy them. At this time it was the Sandinistas running the legal government, and it was the US, using the contras, trying to overthrow them. The contras were never a legal government. The contras were a mercenary force, involved in cocaine trafficking and murder. In other central American countries Death Squads carried out the same work. The US congress and the UN both opposed supporting the Contras and voted against them, but President Reagan covertly gave them weapons and money. He even traded with Iran to help his terrorist buddies, the contras. Right-wingers in the US rallied to support the contras, including members of the Coors beer family and nearly everyone who supported Bush's wars and torture. The contras job was to bleed Nicaragua until the people there would surrender. Eventually the violence of the contras forced Nicaragua go along with the dictates of the US.
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