Question: 1 a Columnist E J Dionne Jr recently examined the

1. a. Columnist E. J. Dionne Jr. recently examined the question, “Why are there no libertarian countries?” (Countries operated on free market/personal freedom principles like those advocated by Ayn Rand). Answer his question.
b. Of all the nations of the world, does the United States enjoy the greatest level of economic freedom? Explain.
2. a. Sandy Banks, writing in the Los Angeles Times:
The boys’ faces brightened when they got to the front of the line. We’re next! They’d been waiting to say it. But their smiles faded when another family was ushered in from the sidelines and slid into “their” Legoland ride. We’d been waylaid by the Premium Play Pass, Legoland’s wristband version of the front-of-the-line pass.
Banks asked her readers what they thought of the fairness of paying to jump to the front of the line. Some said it was no different than flying first class or choosing to drive on a toll road. One thought the kids received a good lesson in the competitiveness of capitalism. Legoland, in Carlsbad, California, said they sell only about 65 of the Premium Play wristbands daily, but those who buy them value the time saved.
What do you think of the fairness of paying to jump to the head of the line at amusement parks?
b. Do you think that drivers who pay more should be entitled to drive in a faster lane? Explain.
c. Addressing his state’s budget problems, 2010 candidate for Nevada governor, Eugene DiSimone, proposed allowing people to pay extra to drive up to 90 miles per hour on designated highways. What do you think?
3. Elementary schools often ban tag, dodge ball, touch football, kickball, and other vigorous games from the playgrounds. One school banned touching altogether. Administrators fear physical injuries, reduced self- esteem, and lawsuits. As the Los Angeles Times editorialized, “It’s hard sometimes to tell whether schools are graduating students or growing orchids.” Ayn Rand argued for reduced rules in life, thus relying on the market to address virtually all problems.
a. From Rand’s free market point of view, explain why we should reduce playground rules as much as possible, even at the risk of children being hurt.

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