Question: 1 a Explain how the Court was able to hold

1. a. Explain how the Court was able to hold software distributors like Grokster liable for the misconduct of others (those who actually used the peer-to-peer networks to download copyrighted materials).
b. What does the Court mean by “contributory” and “vicarious” copyright infringement?
c. Why did the Supreme Court overrule the Court of Appeals decision?
2. Has this decision effectively stopped illegal downloading of copyrighted material? Explain.
3. As a consequence of this decision, is peer-to-peer technology now unlawful? Explain.
4. In your judgment do Grokster and other peer- to- peer software distributors have a moral responsibility regarding the unlawful use of their products by third parties? Explain.
Respondents, Grokster, Ltd., and Stream Cast Networks, Inc., defendants in the trial court, distribute free software products that allow computer users to share electronic files through peer-to-peer networks, so called because users’ computers communicate directly with each other, not through central servers. . . .

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