1 a How did 3M s David Windorski get ideas from
1. (a) How did 3M’s David Windorski get ideas from college students to help him in designing the final commercial version of the Post-it® Flag Highlighter? (b) How were these ideas important to the success of the product?
2. What (a) special advantages and (b) potential problems did 3M have in introducing a new highlighter-with flags product for college students?
3. Visit your college bookstore before you answer. (a) Where would you display the Post-it® Flag Highlighter in a college bookstore, and (b) how can the display increase student awareness of the product?
4. In what ways might 3M try to promote its Post-it® Flag Highlighter and make students more aware of the product?
5. What are the (a) special opportunities and (b) potential challenges for 3M in taking its Post-it® Flag Highlighter into international markets? (c) On which countries should 3M focus its marketing efforts?

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