Question: 1 a List the four unfair labor practices identified by

1. a. List the four unfair labor practices identified by the court.
b. What test did the court employ in determining whether the employer coercively interrogated Steele?
c. What evidence supported the court’s conclusion that Steele’s firing was motivated by antiunion animus?
d. Why did the court conclude that the employer’s stated reason for dismissing Steele was pretextual?
2. Jose Ybarra was a labor consultant for Met West. A union election was pending at the company. An employee allegedly told Ybarra that his promised raise had not been delivered. Ybarra later allegedly told the employee that management had decided that wages could not be adjusted with an election pending. The union lost the election and filed suit claiming that Ybarra’s statement was an unfair labor practice. Decide. Explain.
3. During an election campaign, the general manager’s office was used to interview employees in small groups of five or six. The employees had previously visited that office to discuss grievances and obtain loans. That office was the only space available for the conversations. The general manager’s remarks were temperate and noncoercive. The union lost the election. Should that result be set aside for unlawful campaigning? Explain.

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