Question: 1 a Should the socially responsible company pay low wage fast food

1. a. Should the socially responsible company pay low-wage, fast-food workers more than the market requires? Explain.
b. Is the free market the best measure of a “fair” wage for all? Explain.
2. Do you find anything morally amiss in an American economy that pays so poorly for hard-working, but low-skilled, fast-food labor? Explain.
3. Should we, as consumers, blame ourselves for the low wages of fast- food workers? Explain.
Caroline Durocher, a fast- food server at a Taco Bell restaurant in Seattle, Washington, joined co-workers in walking off the job in late May 2013, thus shutting down the restaurant. Seattle became at least the seventh U.S. city facing strikes by fast-food workers. Durocher made $9.19 per hour and worked about 27 hours per week. She had been working on an associate of arts degree and had hopes of becoming a psychologist, but economic difficulties forced her to leave school.

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