Question: 1 a what source of power does Carl have b

1 (a) what source of power does Carl have
(b) What type of power is she using?
(c) Which influencing tactic is Carl using during the meeting?
(d) Is negotiation and/or the
(e) Exchange tactic appropriate in this situation?
2. (a) What source of power does Washington have?
(b) What type of power is he using during the meeting?
(c) Which two influencing tactics is Washington primarily using during the meeting?
(d) Which influencing tactic is Washington using with the memo?
(e) Is the memo a wise political move for Washington? What might he gain and lose by sending it?
3. What would you do if you were Carl?
(a) Would you talk to the dean, letting him know that Washington said he would appeal the policy decision?
(b) Which influencing tactic would this discussion involve?
(c) Which political behavior would the discussion represent?
(d) Would you draft a policy directly stating that graduate assistants cannot be used to grade objective exams?
(e) Would your answer to
(d) Be influenced by your answer?
4. (a) If you were Washington, and Carl drafted a policy and department members agreed with it, what would you do? Would you appeal the decision to the dean?
(b) Again, would your answer change if you had not received tenure or promotion to the top rank?
5. If you were the dean of SB, knowing that the vice president does not want to set a college-wide policy, and Washington appealed to you, what would you do? Would you develop a school-wide policy for SB?
6. At what level (college-wide, by schools, or by departments within each school) should a graduate assistant’s policy be set?
7. Which level(s) of analysis of leadership theory is (are) presented in this case?
8. Which of the four Ohio State University leadership styles did Carl use during the department meeting?

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