Question: 1 a Who bears the blame for Damour s death Explain b

1. a. Who bears the blame for Damour’s death? Explain.
b. How do we decide where blame lies?
2. a. Were the shoppers guilty of criminal behavior? Explain.
b. Immoral behavior? Explain.
3. Did Walmart fail to fulfill its responsibilities to its employees and customers? Explain.
4. Do you think the OSHA fine and Walmart’s donations to community programs, victims’ compensation fund, and improved crowd control plans achieved justice? Explain.
Despite his 6’5,” 270-pound frame, Jdimytai Damour, 34, was no match for the unruly crowd of an estimated 2,000 Black Friday, 2008 shoppers at a Long Island, New York, Walmart. The crowd, some of whom had been waiting for many hours, pushed against the double glass doors. Damour, a worker of one week hired through a temporary agency, and 6 to 10 other Walmart employees pushed back from the inside, but at 4:55 AM the doors bowed in and the shoppers surged through crushing Damour to his death and injuring others. Damour had no experience with crowd control and reportedly had not been trained for that purpose.

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