Question: 1 According to Nozick why can the term distributive justice

1. According to Nozick, why can the term distributive justice be misleading? What term does Nozick propose to use instead?
2. What does Nozick mean by the principle of justice in acquisition? In addition to the acquisition of holdings, how can one also transfer holdings?
3. According to Nozick, under what conditions would a person is justly entitled to something?
4. What are some impermissible methods of coming to possess or hold things?
5. According to Nozick, what questions does past injustice raise for current holders? How would the principle of rectification apply here?
6. What is the difference between Nozick’s historical account of justice and a current time-slice view? Why does he believe the latter view does not give the whole story about what is and is not just?
7. What does Nozick mean by a patterned principle of distribution? Give some examples. Are his own principles patterned? Explain.
8. According to Nozick, how does liberty upset patterns of distribution? How does the Wilt Chamberlain example demonstrate this? How does this contention thwart patterned principles?
9. For what reason does Nozick discuss families in this context?
10. What does Nozick think of taxation of earnings from labor and the use of this money to benefit the poor?

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