Question: 1 Analyze Burton using the value chain and competitive forces

1. Analyze Burton using the value chain and competitive forces models.
2. Why are the business processes described in this case such an important source of competitive advantage for Burton?
3. Explain exactly how these process improvements enhance Burton’s operational performance and decision making.

When we hear “snowboarding”, we tend to think of snow- covered slopes, acrobatic jumps, and high-flying entertainment. We don’t usually think of improving business process efficiency. But snowboarding is business for Burton Snowboards, an industry pioneer and market leader. Founded in 1977 by Jake Burton Carpenter and headquartered in Burlington, Vermont, Burton designs, manufactures, and markets equipment, clothing, and related accessories for snowboarders. Today, Burton is a global enterprise that serves customers in 27 countries and has offices in Japan, Austria, and throughout the United States. At its peak, Burton controlled over 40 percent of the U. S. snowboarding market, and it remains the market leader amidst a growing number of competitors. Now, as Burton continues to expand into a global company, it has a new set of problems: improving its systems for inventory, supply chain, purchasing, and customer service.

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