Question: 1 Apparently Daimler executives were not concerned enough with personal

1. Apparently Daimler executives were not concerned enough with personal sanctions to change the company’s bribery practices to comply with German and U.S. statutes. How can these attitudes be changed?
2. What internal controls could have been usefully introduced to prevent bribery at Daimler?
3. What should Dieter Zetsche do to ensure the highest compliance standards?
4. Whistleblowers on FCPA matters are eligible for up to 25% of the settlement and/or fine that results depending on a hearing by a tribunal on the import of their evidence (see page 59 for a discussion of this). How much of the $91.4 million restitution payment would you award David Bazzetta if you could make the decision? Provide your reasons for the choice you advocate.
5. Did David Bazzetta do what was expected of him as a professional accountant?

David Bazzetta learned in July 2001 at a corporate audit executive committee meeting in Stuttgart Germany, that DaimlerChrysler “business units ‘continued to maintain secret bank accounts to bribe foreign government officials,’ though the company knew the practice violated U.S. laws.”1 As a result, he filed a whistleblower complaint under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) that ultimately led to a multi-year investigation of surprising scope and U.S. charges against a company headquartered in Germany, for bribes made to foreign officials around the world.

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