Question: 1 Assume Jennie Lin is a CPA Evaluate her actions

1. Assume Jennie Lin is a CPA. Evaluate her actions with respect to the rules of conduct of the AICPA.
2. Jennie believes that her actions were proper because taking the money from the church and giving it to the homeless served a greater good. Do you agree with her position from an ethical perspective?
3. As a member of the board of trustees of the church, what are Jennie’s ethical obligations to the church? Do you think it is more difficult to establish strong internal controls in a nonprofit such as First Community Church as compared to a public or privately owned company? Why or why not? Do non-profits such as churches come under the rules of SOX?
4. Assume that Jennie explains why she did what she did, and after due deliberation, Yuen fires Jennie and tells her that she must replace the money she stole from the collection box. Moreover, Yuen threatens to report Jennie to the state board of accountancy for violating its ethics rules. How would you evaluate Yuen’s actions from an ethical perspective?

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