Question: 1 Based on the principles of attention presented in this

1. Based on the principles of attention presented in this chapter, explain why this new wave of subway ads is expected to be so effective.
2. Using the same principles, what should the ads’ creators consider to avoid the potential burnout of this medium?
Various agencies around the world have pioneered a technology that allows for static images placed in subway tunnels to appear as full-motion commercials. This represents one of many developments in recent years to break through ad clutter to capture consumers’ attention with a novel type of advertising in a place that consumers do not expect it. The ad medium is rolling out in subway tunnels of major cities worldwide. The most notable part of this new development is that public reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Transit officials, agency representatives, and corporate advertisers alike have been given kudos for turning dark and dreary tunnels into something entertaining for commuters.

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