Question: 1 Based on what you have read in this case

1. Based on what you have read in this case, how would you rate the leadership skills of Andrew Mason? In what ways does he fit the profile of the typical business founder? In what ways is he different? How would you describe his leadership style?
2. Assess the organizational culture at Groupon. What are its strengths and its weaknesses? What changes would you make to the culture to improve the performance of the company?
3. Do you think it was because of Mason that Groupon was unable to transition smoothly through growth and development stages to become the technology company that it is today, or can you identify other possible causes?
4. Now that you know that Groupon has replaced its CEO, what kind of leader do you think would be best suited to run the company? Create a profile of the ideal leader for the company. Then, create a profile for the ideal leader of a technology startup and compare the two. What would you recommend as a plan for developing leaders of startups into leaders who are well equipped to manage large but still-entrepreneurial firms?
5. Do you have a “gut sense” of some of the other problems at Groupon? In your opinion, what are they?

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