Question: 1 Before you start on the capstone project you decide

1. Before you start on the capstone project, you decide to hone your ERD skills by drawing your own version of the ERD shown in Figure 9-21 on page 364. You don’t have to be precise — it’s just a practice task.
2. Now, using Visible Analyst®, or another CASE tool, create an ERD that shows the two main entities in Danica’s shop, and the relationship between them. Add an associative entity if necessary, similar to the examples shown on page 362.

At your school, your capstone systems analysis project is due very soon. Your instructor assigned student teams to develop an information system proposal for Danica’s Auto Shop, which is shown in figure The Microsoft Access screen in Figure 9-4 shows two tables: one for MECHANICS and the other for JOBS. The two tables represent entities, and are linked by a common field called Mechanic No.
You are a member of a three-person team, and your job is to prepare an ERD and design a relational database for Danica with all tables in third normal form (3NF). Based on what you learned in this chapter, you have a feeling that an associative entity will be needed in the ERD.

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