Question: 1 Bunge a grain dealer contracted with Recker a farmer

1. Bunge, a grain dealer, contracted with Recker, a farmer, to purchase 10,000 bushels of soybeans at $ 3.35 per bushel. The contract did not specify where the beans were to have been grown, except that they were to be grown in the United States. As a result of crop failure, Recker was unable to deliver the beans, even with several extensions of the deadline. Finally, Recker admitted that he could not deliver, claiming impossibility of performance. In the meantime, the market price had increased from $ 3.35, the agreed price, to $ 5.50 at the time agreed for delivery. Bunge sued for the difference between $ 3.35 and the market price at the time agreed for delivery. Will Recker be excused from his contractual obligations, or should he be held responsible for delivering as agreed?

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