1 Can you explain why business majors apparently study less
1. Can you explain why business majors apparently study less, on average, than students in other majors?
2. Can you explain why business students’ writing and reasoning skills apparently increase less than those of any other major during the first two years of college?
3. The evidence, as noted above, indicates that business students cheat more than those majoring in other fields. What relationship, if any, do you see between student study patterns and student cheating patterns? Put another way, do you think cheating in business schools would decline if students studied more? Explain.

According to the 2011 National Survey of Student Engagement, business majors spend less time studying than students in any other broad field. Nearly half of senior business majors say they study fewer than 11 hours per week outside of class. According to the Collegiate Learning Assessment national essay test, business majors in their first two years of college improve their writing and reasoning skills less than any other major.
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