Question: 1 Consequence of positive covariance 2 Covariance between X and Y 3

1. Consequence of positive covariance
2. Covariance between X and Y.
3. Property of uncorrelated random variables
4. Weighted sum of two random variables
5. Sharpe ratio of a random variable
6. Implies X and Y are independent random variables
7. Implies X and Y are identically distributed
8. Symbol for the correlation between random variables
9. Symbol for a joint probability distribution
10. Sequence of iid random variables
(a) p(x, y)
(b) ρ
(c) p(x, y) = p(x)p(y)
(d) ρσx σ3
(e) Var(X + Y) > Var(X) + Var(Y)
(f) p(x) = p(y)
(g) X1, X2, X3
(h) Var(X + Y) = Var(X) + Var(Y)
(i) S(Y)
(j) 3X - 2Y

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