Question: 1 Describe the evolution from the intrinsic product benefit model

1. Describe the evolution from the “intrinsic product benefit” model for advertising and the “creative revolution”. According to the authors, why did the change occur?
2. Research: Find an example of a community engagement strategy designed to counter the effects of junk food marketing. Describe the plan and any results.
3. As the authors indicate, the public schools have been hotbeds of activism on this issue. Parents and advocacy groups have fought Channel One,25 and banned junk food and soda. According to a 2004 U.S. Government Accountability Office report, “13 states ha[d]
established laws addressing commercial activities in public schools, and at least 25 states
[were] considering such legislation.”
(a) Find out if your high school uses or has ever used Channel One. If it was taken out, find out how that happened.
(b) Internet Assignment Find out if your state has junk food legislation for its public schools.

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