1. Describe the risks associated with planning the new CSS implementation and announcing the new Web ordering system to customers. Remember that the new CSS will replace the current telephone, mail-order, and Web order systems. How conservative should RMO be with respect to testing, installation, and customer announcements? What is the cost of being too conservative?
2. What fallback strategies should be developed, if any? What should the “drop dead” date be for deciding whether to use the new CSS to process holiday orders?
3. Develop an installation plan and schedule. Justify your approach (as) and your timetable based on your previous risk analysis.
4. Analyze the training requirements and develop a training plan and schedule. How can training, data conversion, and testing activities be overlapped or combined? What about training and support for customers using the Web ordering system?
Assume that it is late April 2010 and that customer support system (CSS) analysis activities are nearly completed. Design is scheduled to finish by June 15 and implementation is scheduled to finish by November 1. RMO wants to use the new CSS during the holiday sales peak—roughly between Thanksgiving and Christmas—during which 40 percent of annual sales normally occur. RMO wants to announce the new Web ordering system in an upcoming catalog. New catalog mailings are scheduled for June 15, September 1, October 31, and December 10.

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