Question: 1 Describe the unique features of Malia Mill s product 2 Malia

1. Describe the unique features of Malia Mill’s product.
2. Malia Mills Swimwear is not inexpensive. Why do you think customers are willing to pay a premium for her suits?
3. The case mentions that Malia Mills Swimwear is currently experimenting with paid advertising. If you were in charge of marketing for the company, how would you assess whether or not it was cost-effective to continue purchasing advertising?
4. What kind of environment is Malia Mills trying to create in her stores? Why is this important?
5. Besides her own boutiques, specialty stores, and through the Internet, what might be some additional sales venues for Malia Mills Swimwear to consider exploring?
6. Why was the “Polaroid project” a successful promotional venture?
7. Imagine a scenario in which Malia Mills Swimwear hired you as a media consultant. Answer the following:
a. Answers could include the psychological advantages to letting people feel good about themselves. Using local seamstresses to help the local economy.
b. She might design a bathing suit for a celebrity that does not have a model’s body and have pictures taken of how nice the suit makes the star look.
Write a press release about the suits and submit it to many different medias.
Come up with a clever name for the suits or the Polaroids, i.e. the Polaroid Project, and get the attention of the media.

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