Question: 1 Do you agree with the claim that GE experienced

1. Do you agree with the claim that “GE experienced a sustained competitive advantage under Jack Welch, while it experienced a sustained competitive disadvantage under Jeffrey Immelt”? Why or why not?
2. How much of the performance difference in the Welch versus Immelt time periods do you believe can be directly attributed to the respective CEO? What other factors might have played an important role in determining firm performance? (Hint: Consider especially the time period since 2001.)
4. If you were to use a balanced-scorecard or triple-bottom-line approach to assessing firm performance and competitive advantage, how might those approaches change your assessment of the Welch and Immelt eras? If Jack Welch had been more focused on broader measures of firm performance, might GE have been better able to weather the post-2001 changes?

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