Question: 1 Do you think ethics instruction religious commitment or higher

1. Do you think ethics instruction, religious commitment, or higher natural intelligence would reduce academic cheating? Explain.
2. Professor Robert A. Prentice argues: “Those who choose to attend business school on the assumption that an MBA will help them change jobs, make more money, and therefore be happier are very likely misinformed.” Do you agree? Explain.
In perhaps the largest cheating scandal in school history, about 125 Harvard University undergraduates were investigated for collaborating on a 2012 take-home examination in a course on government. More than half of those students were forced to withdraw from school and others were placed on probation. Certainly we should not be surprised about the Harvard episode because cheating appears to be epidemic. Business students seem to be particularly suspect. A large 2006 survey found 56 percent of graduate students in business admitted to cheating at least once in the previous year, the largest percentage of any discipline surveyed. Among nonbusiness graduate students, 47 percent admitted cheating.

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