Question: 1 Do you think Greenberg did the right thing by

1. Do you think Greenberg did the “right” thing by opening the April bank statement and reconciling it to the general ledger? Why or why not? What about the previous bank statements?
2. Explain what Greenberg should do if he reasons at each of the six stages of Kohlberg’s model of moral development. Be sure to consider stakeholder effects in your answer.
3. Evaluate what steps should be taken in each of the following independent situations:
a. If you were Janet and Greenberg dropped by the hospital to tell you about his discovery, how would you react?
b. Assume Greenberg contacts Janet’s father because he did not want to upset her after the surgery. Hoffman talks to his daughter, who informs him that she had a shortage in her personal funds and planned to repay the $30,000 after she returns. What would you do if you were Gary Hoffman? Why?
c. Assume Hoffman does nothing because of his daughter’s explanation. Janet returns to work and fires Kevin Greenberg. What would you do if you were Greenberg. Why? How do you think his action (or inaction) might affect his opportunity for other jobs? Should that matter in terms of what he decides to do?

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