1 Do you think that British Airways is being hypocritical
1. Do you think that British Airways is being hypocritical?
2. British Airways is attempting to reduce its carbon footprint by flying more fuel efficient airplanes, such as the A318. The carbon footprint per passenger is lower if 100 people occupy the A318 rather than only 32 people. Does the airline also have a responsibility to reduce each passenger’s carbon footprint?
3. The passengers who fly on the Club World London City flight pay a substantial premium for the luxury accommodation. Do you think that the increased premium they pay offsets the increased carbon footprint of having only 32 passengers in the airplane?
4. Is it socially responsible for British Airways to fly 32 passengers in an aircraft that can normally hold 100 passengers?

Society is quite concerned about the level of greenhouse gases that are being emitted by various businesses. Many firms are responding by becoming more candid about the effects that their operations are having on the planet. Some are reporting this information through formal reports that follow the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. Others are simply posting more environmental information on their websites.

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