1 Do you think that Ducati s decision to sell exclusively
1. Do you think that Ducati's decision to sell exclusively through the Internet its MH900e motorcycle model was a risky decision or a safe bet? Explain.
2. Since Italy is the main market for Ducati and the internet penetration there is one of the lowest in Western Europe, is it advantageous or adventurous for Ducati to focus its business strategy on electronic commerce? Defend your arguments.
3. Following the successful online sales of the MH900e model, what do you recommend to Ducati's top management to do next? In particular, do you think they should sell other products through the Internet? If so, how soon should they do it and what specific products should they offer?
4. Success in the new economy will go to those who can execute clicks-and-mortar strategies that bridge the physical and virtual worlds. Discuss the above statement and provide your views as to how companies can get the right mix of bricks and clicks in order to win the distribution channel war. You may consider one or more industries as a business context for your answer.

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