Question: 1 Does Latafat really need a will Explain why or

1. Does Latafat really need a will? Explain why or why not. What would happen to his estate if he were to die without a will?
2. Explain to Latafat the common features that need to be incorporated into a will.
3. Might the manner in which title is held thwart his estate planning desires? What should be done to avoid problems?
4. Is a living trust an appropriate part of his estate plan? How would a living trust change the nature of Latafat’s will?
5. How does the age of his children complicate the estate plan? What special provisions should he consider?
6. What options are available to Latafat if he decides later to change or revoke the will? Is it more difficult to change a living trust?
7. What duties will Gary Ingram and Ceylan Sadik have to perform as co-executors of Latafat’s estate? If a trust is created, what should Latafat consider in his selection of a trustee or co-trustees? Might Gary and Ceylan, serving together, be a good choice?

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