Question: 1 Does the competitive pressure to get hired justify the

1. Does the competitive pressure to get hired justify the decision to boost your résumé? Why?
2. Do you think the board of directors of Bausch & Lomb made the right decision in choosing not to fire Zarrella? Why or why not?
3. What steps should companies take during the hiring process to ensure that such bad hires do not happen?
4. Can you polish your résumé without resorting to little white lies? Provide some examples of how you might do that.
5. Your friend has been unemployed for two years. She decides to boost her résumé by claiming to have been a consultant for those two years in order to compete in a very tough job market. She explains that a colleague of hers did the same thing to cover a six-month period of unemployment. Does the longer period of unemployment make the decision any less unethical? Why or why not?
6. If you discovered that a colleague at work had lied on her résumé, what would you do?

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