1 Does Walter have good reasons to be pleased with
1. Does Walter have good reasons to be pleased with his current health care coverage?
2. What health insurance alternatives should Walter consider?
As long as Walter Simon was a full-time student he was covered under his parents’ health insurance policy. He recently dropped out of school, which effectively eliminated him from his parents’ plan. Since then he has worked in a number of temporary jobs, none of which included employer-provided health care coverage. However, he is covered by workers’ compensation when on the job. He recently enrolled in a hospital expense insurance plan that will pay him $200 a day for each day he remains in the hospital after an initial three day stay. For a minimal fee he has also purchased accident insurance that pays him set dollar amounts for a long list of possible injuries. Walter is pretty pleased with himself. By buying low-cost insurance policies he believes he has been able to obtain comprehensive health care coverage at minimal cost.
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