Question: 1 Draw the bricks and mortar process stages by which

1. Draw the “bricks and mortar” process stages by which hard copy books are created, distributed, and sold in retail stores. How does each player in the value chain make money? (You can use the exhibits in the chapter to help you identify major stages in the value chain.)
2. Draw the process stages for creating and downloading an eBook today. How does each player in this electronic/digital value chain make money?
3. Compare and contrast value chain design and structure in the previous two questions from customer and management viewpoints. What are the advantages and disadvantage to each value chain design?
4. What is the role of operations in each of these value chain designs and structures?
a. What role does operations management play in this traditional bricks and mortar value chain?
b. What role does operations management play in an e-based value chain?
5. What other criteria and issues are important in critiquing these two different value chain designs?

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