Question: 1 Encumbrance accounting usually is or is not used

1. Encumbrance accounting usually (is or is not) __________ used in Capital Projects Funds.
2. The entry to record the budget of a Capital Projects Fund would include a (debit or credit) __________ to Appropriations.
3. A contractor recently completed a bridge for the City of Paige. After the contractor removed his workers and equipment, several deficiencies were noticed. Another contractor was hired to repair these deficiencies. The cost of the repairs should be charged to __________.
4. Long- term bonds issued by a Capital Projects Fund ( are or are not) __________ reported as a liability of that fund.
5. During the year, a city acquired furniture for the mayor’s office, land for a parking garage, and a fire truck. The furniture was financed from general city revenues; the land and the cost of the parking garage were financed primarily from general obligation bond proceeds; and the fire truck was financed from general tax revenues. Which of these projects would require the use of a Capital Projects Fund?

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