Question: 1 Explain Appiah s distinction between extrinsic and intrinsic racism 2

1. Explain Appiah’s distinction between extrinsic and intrinsic racism.
2. How does the denial of racialism lead to an argument against racism?
3. What does Appiah mean when he says that racists have a cognitive incapacity, suffer from false consciousness, and are afflicted by distorted or ideological rationality?
4. Explain Appiah’s claim that prejudice might undermine autonomy, so that we might need to “treat or train” the prejudiced person instead of reasoning with them.
5. What is the difference between those who use racial terms to oppress and inflict harm and those who advocate racial solidarity in resistance to oppressive racism?
6. Why does Appiah think that race is a morally arbitrary concept? Does that same logic apply to our preferential treatment of members of our own families?
7. How does Appiah employ Kantian moral ideas in his critique of racism?

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