Question: 1 Explain some disadvantages of Cliff s current investment approach 2 Construct

1. Explain some disadvantages of Cliff’s current investment approach.
2. Construct a portfolio for Cliff, limiting your selections to mutual funds (assume that he sells his current stock and bond holdings). Make sure your plan indicates specific dollar amounts for each portfolio component.
3. Explain how Cliff should rebalance his portfolio periodically indicating how frequently rebalancing should be done.
Cliff Swatner is single, 33 years old, and owns a condominium in New York City worth $350,000. Cliff is an attorney and doing well financially. His income last year exceeded $160,000, and he has sufficient liquid assets to supplement his condominium and other tangible assets. Several years ago, Cliff began investing in stocks and bonds. He made his selections on the basis of articles he read describing good investment opportunities. Some have worked well for Cliff, but others have not. Cliff has never taken the time to evaluate his portfolio performance, but he feels it isn’t very good. Cliff currently has about $110,000 invested. He has been dating a woman who he hopes to marry in three years, at which time he will need $30,000 for wedding and honeymoon expenses. Cliff’s only other objective is to accumulate funds for retirement, but he does not have a specific dollar target for this goal. Cliff feels that he has a moderate risk-tolerance level.

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