1 For many organizations bankruptcy protection is just another operational
1. For many organizations, bankruptcy protection is just another operational and financial strategy. Discuss the ethical aspects of intentionally remaining silent, collecting money and then suddenly announcing that the company is bankrupt?
2. Do you accept that the little ‘white lie’ told to the pilots was justifiable?
3. Was it operationally wise for Jetsgo to keep the online reservation system open until the company officially declared bankruptcy? Was it an ethically correct or incorrect decision?
4. Should Leblanc have waited until the busy Spring-break holiday period was over to then close down operations?

The discount airline Jetsgo Corporation began operations in June 2002. Within two-and-half years it grew to become Canada’s third-largest airline, moving approximately 17,000 passengers per day on its fleet of 29 airplanes, 15 of which were company-owned Fokker F100s. With 1,200 employees, the company serviced 20 locations in Canada, a dozen in the Caribbean, and 10 in the United States.

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