Question: 1 Franklyn a clerical employee of Woodbury Manufacturing Company told

1. Franklyn, a clerical employee of Woodbury Manufacturing Company, told Buron that he was an agent of the company and made a contract on behalf of Woodbury. Later Woodbury repudiated the contract and claimed that Franklyn had no authority to enter into a contract. Buron then sued Franklyn, who claimed that he thought he had the authority. Will Buron succeed in her suit?
2. Ferrara made a contract with Perret without informing her that he was acting on behalf of National Steel Wire Company. Ferrara had actual express authority, as provided in his contract of agency with National. The contract was breached and Perret sued National. National claimed that Perret could not sue because her contract was with Ferrara, and not with National. Will Perret be successful in her suit against National?
3. Washington purchased an automobile from Courtesy Motor Sales, a Ford automobile dealer. After the car was delivered, she discovered that the car she thought was new was in fact used and that the odometer had been turned back to conceal the mileage. Washington sued Courtesy and named Ford Motor Company in the suit on the grounds that Courtesy was acting as an agent for the manufacturer. Will Washington succeed in her suit against Ford Motor?
4. Blodgett, while walking on a public sidewalk, was injured when a large piece of wood fell from a construction job at the offices of Olympic Savings and Loan Association. The construction work was being done by Drury Construction Company. Blodgett sued both Olympic and Drury, claiming that Drury was an agent for Olympic. Olympic denied both responsibility for the injury and the existence of an agency relationship with Drury. Will Blodgett succeed in her suit against Olympic?

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