Question: 1 From a management perspective why did the company allow

1. From a management perspective, why did the company allow the initial childish behavior (coffee on the seat, spit on the steering wheel, etc.) to escalate into employee confrontation.
2. When does childish behavior become a harassment issue? At what point does one’s practical jokes or intimidating actions toward one employee impact all employees?
3. Visit the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s Website and review the agency’s “Fact Sheet” on workplace violence. What kind of policy statement and/or plan should the company include in its overall policy and procedures manual to avoid violence in the workplace? What type of training should the company provide all employees on this issue?
4. What additional legal issues does this case problem raise for USFG?
5. Would USFG face potential liability if it fired A.J. based on the rumored threats of violence?

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