1 From a utilitarian point of view who do you
1. From a utilitarian point of view, who do you think should be in the priority group? From a justice as fairness perspective, who should be in the priority group?
2. Should people who make society flourish through their economic productivity, such as the employees of Goldman Sachs, be put into the priority group? Should people who contribute to making life enjoyable, such as entertainers and athletes, be put into the priority group?
3. If you were the CEO of the company that manufactured the swine flu vaccine, would you ensure that all your employees were inoculated first, or would you recommend that they too wait in line?

Throughout 2009, the world was plagued with the H1N1 swine flu epidemic. The H1N1 influenza virus, which began in Mexico, was spreading rapidly. In June the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva declared it to be a global pandemic and suggested that people forgo international travel, especially to countries such as Mexico. Those who caught the virus would suffer from chills, fever, headaches, coughing, pain, weakness, and general discomfort. At the extreme it could kill, and thousands around the world died from the disease. In order to minimize the chances of catching swine flu, the WHO recommended that everyone be inoculated against the disease. However, there was not enough vaccine currently available and so a priority system had to be established so that those who were at greater risk should be inoculated first.

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