Question: 1 Gap analysis refers to a analyzing the gap between

1. Gap analysis refers to
a. analyzing the gap between the baseline modules and the customization required to meet enterprise-specific needs.
b. analyzing the gap between the actual cost of the accounting system project and the budgeted cost.
c. analyzing the gap between the IT capacity and the IT demand.
d. analyzing the gap between your current grade and your desired grade in this course.

2. Big bang refers to
a. an IBM supercomputer.
b. a high-speed computer processor.
c. when all system modules are built and implemented for the entire enterprise at the same time.
d. a quantum physics theory about two stars colliding.

3. Stages refers to
a. the phases of the system development life cycle (SDLC).
b. when modules or locations for a new system are built and implemented stage by stage instead of all at once.
c. a sequence of symbols in a data flow diagram.
d. a well-known theatre.

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