Question: 1 Given the information available and your knowledge of different

1. Given the information available and your knowledge of different forecasting techniques, develop a recommendation for utilizing a specific forecasting technique in the subsequent study. The final contract negotiations are pending, and so it is essential that you account for the advantages and disadvantages of your preferred technique as they would apply to the problem at hand and point out any additional information you would like to have.
2. Assume that you are a member of DynaSol's small marketing department and that the contract negotiations with GFI have fallen through irrevocably. The company's top management has decided to use your expertise to develop a forecast for the next 6 months (and, perhaps for the 6-month period following that one as well), because it must have some information on which to base a decision about expanding its operations. Develop such a forecast, and for the benefit of top management, note any reservations or qualifications you feel are vital to its understanding and use of the information.

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