Question: 1 Had Dingle not known that Vagias was specifically looking

1. Had Dingle not known that Vagias was specifically looking for a home in MontvilleTownship, yet had still made her statements, would the outcome of the case have been different? Why or why not? Explain your answer.
2. If Vagias paid market value for his home, had still been able to send his son to a highly rated elementary school, and the only detriment imposed upon him was a lower status due to the location of the home, how would that affect your analysis?

Vagias hired Dingle as his realtor and told her he was in the market to buy a house in Montville Township, N.J. because of the favorable reputation of the township’s schools. Dingle showed Vagias a house in a development called “Woodmont Court at Montville,” and when Vagias inquired as to whether this house was located within the jurisdictional limits of MontvilleTownship, both Dingle and the representative of the builder (neither of whom were familiar with the township boundaries) assured Vagias that the house was. Vagias purchased the house and later sued to have the sale rescinded on the basis of misrepresentation concerning location when he attempted to enroll his son in the school system and learned his house was actually located outside of MontvilleTownship limits.

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