Question: 1 Health information management is a rapidly growing sector that directly

1. Health information management is a rapidly-growing sector that directly affects health care costs. Every specialized area has its own vocabulary, and health information management is no exception. Conduct an Internet search to learn about Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE), and a Clinical Decision Support System(CDSS). Describe your findings, using non-technical language that is easy to understand.
2. You are planning a preliminary investigation of Dr. Jones’s request. For each step, describe the steps you will take, the methods you will use, and the information you will seek. Also explain how you plan to define the project’s scope, and why this task is so important.
3. Based on what you know about New Century, conduct a feasibility study that includes operational, technical, economic, and schedule feasibility. Describe the results in detail, and explain how you reached your conclusions.
4. Prepare a brief preliminary investigation report for Dr. Jones. Before you begin this task, you should review the sample report in this chapter, and visit Part A of the Systems Analyst’s Toolkit, which provides suggestions for oral and written presentations.

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