1 How did Lovin come to recognize the opportunity for
1. How did Lovin come to recognize the opportunity for his young venture? Of the three types of startups mentioned in Chapter 3, into which does The Kollection fit? What was the source of this opportunity?
2. Complete a SWOT analysis for The Kollection. What does it say about the strengths that the startup can build on or weaknesses that it must be particularly careful to protect itself against? Does this analysis reveal any promising future opportunities for Lovin and his venture? By your analysis, what threats put the enterprise most at risk?
3. What broad-based strategy is Lovin following at The Kollection? Is this the only and best way to position the company? Why or why not?
4. Conduct a feasibility analysis on the company, being sure to consider its market potential, industry attractiveness, and leadership. According to your assessment, how much promise does the venture offer?
5. What recommendations would you make to Lovin as he thinks about the company and its future?

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