Question: 1 How do you feel about being grouped into classes

1. How do you feel about being grouped into classes in the insurance underwriting process? Do you feel that insurance companies should treat all such groups of people alike?
2. Many people complain that property insurance policies should pay more than what the insurance companies say is the actual cash value of the property, such as for a used motor vehicle with low mileage that is in near-perfect condition. How do you feel about this issue, and what would happen if insurance companies were more generous in their reimbursements?
3. Do you know the liability limits on the automobile insurance policy under which you are covered? Are the limits appropriate?
4. Is your personal property, such as furniture and computer, covered under a home-owner’s or renter’s insurance policy? If not, why not? If so, what are the policy limits?
5. What experiences have you or a family member had with the automobile insurance claims process? What if anything might have been done differently or better?

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