1. How does Bostrom explain the ideas of morphological freedom and reproductive freedom? How are they different?
2. How does Bostrom characterize the concerns of bioconservatives?
3. Explain why Bostrom says that “nature’s gifts are sometimes poisoned?”
4. How does Bostrom respond to the fears of those who think that a Brave New World dystopia may result from biotechnology?
5. How does Bostrom respond to fears about a new race of clones that might attack noncloned humans?
6. Explain Bostrom’s thinking about how the concept of dignity can be used to cover an expanded set of posthuman beings.
7. What is Bostrom’s response to the fear that genetically engineered children would feel like they suffered under the tyranny of their parent’s expectations or example?
8. To what extent is Bostrom right that we would appear as “posthuman” to our hunter-gatherer ancestors? Support your answer with specific examples.

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