1 How does Toyota s approach to social responsibility relate to
1. How does Toyota’s approach to social responsibility relate to the three concepts of social responsibility described in the text (profit responsibility, stakeholder responsibility, and societal responsibility)?
2. How does Toyota’s view of sustainable mobility contribute to the company’s overall mission?
3. Has Toyota’s National Parks project been a success? What indicators suggest that the project has had an impact?
4. What future activities would you suggest for Toyota as it strives to improve its reputation?

“Toyota’s mission is to become the most respected and admired car company in America,” explains Jana Hartline, manager of environmental communications at Toyota. To accomplish this, Jana and her colleagues at Toyota are working toward a future where a wide range of innovative vehicles, fuel technologies, and partnerships converge to create an economically vibrant, mobile society in harmony with the environment. It’s a challenge Jana finds exciting and the result is cleaner, greener cars!

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