Question: 1 How important were the NYCAPS and CityTime projects for

1. How important were the NYCAPS and CityTime projects for New York City? What were their objectives? What would have been their business benefits?
2. Evaluate the key risk factors in both projects.
3. Classify and describe the problems each project encountered as the NYCAPS and CityTime systems were being implemented. What management, organization, and technology factors were responsible for these problems?
4. What were the similarities and differences in the management of both projects?
5. What was the business impact of these botched implementations? Explain your answer.
6. Describe the steps that should have been taken to prevent negative outcomes in these projects.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made his fortune in information technology, as the owner of Bloomberg L. P., a giant financial news and information services media company. Bloomberg thought he could translate his success in modernizing information technology on Wall Street to modernizing New York City’s government, and he launched a series of projects to do just that. Two of those projects proved him dead wrong. Both the New York City Automated Personnel System (NYCAPS) and the CityTime system for pay-roll- related employee timekeeping have been fraught with cost overruns, mismanagement, and an overall failure to deliver an information system that has the capabilities sought by New York City government. How could this happen? Soon after becoming mayor, Bloomberg announced the development of NYCAPS. The NYCAPS project had a budget of $ 66 million at its outset. The goal of the project was to create a modern, automated system for managing and updating personnel information for New York City’s workforce, including employee benefit information.

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