1 How should Jane handle being short a cashier and
1. How should Jane handle being short a cashier and a dishroom person at breakfast?
2. What should Jane do with the food in the defective refrigerator? Should the food that is measured to be above 40° F be saved?
3. What are Jane’s options concerning the ice shortage?
4. How should Jane handle the president’s function, knowing that the requested desserts have not been delivered?
5. If the special dessert cannot be purchased in time, how should the catering supervisor approach this situation when speaking with the president’s office?
6. What can be done to ensure that mistakes, such as the one made by the bakery employee, do not happen again?
Jane is the foodservice director at an on- campus dining service that feeds 800 students per meal for break-fast, lunch, and dinner. Jane arrives at her office at 7: 00 A. M. (half an hour before breakfast begins) only to find many problems. After listening to her phone messages, she finds that her breakfast cashier and one of her two breakfast dishroom employees have called in sick. The cashier position is essential, and the second dishroom person is necessary at 8: 15 A. M. when the students leave to go to their 8: 30 A. M. classes.
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