1 How would you describe Charles Best s approach to leadership 2
1. How would you describe Charles Best’s approach to leadership?
2. What type(s) of followers would work well with Charles Best? What type(s) of followers would not work well with Best?
3. Why is effective communication essential for the operational success of Donors Choose?
4. How does DonorsChoose.org empower staffers, teachers, and donors?
5. What impact does the empowerment approach used by Donors Choose have on teachers and donors?
6. How does the empowerment of staffers influence teamwork dynamics at Donors Choose?
7. Although there are some critics of Donors Choose and, by implication, of Charles Best, Jonathan Beyman characterizes Best as follows: “I’ve met lots of software guys over the years his age who are off to make a billion dollars ... I very rarely meet people who are going straight to heaven. Here’s one of them.” Do you think Beyman’s description of Best is justified? Why or why not?
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