1 How would you describe the managerial philosophy of Wal Mart
1: How would you describe the managerial philosophy of Wal-Mart? What principles are involved? What are the overriding aims, values, and goals of Wal-Mart?
2: Evaluate the management philosophy of Wal-Mart from the point of view of stockholders, employees, customers, the local community, and suppliers.
3: Should business management always seek the lowest prices for its customers and the highest rate of return on investment? What reasons might there be for seeking something less for customers and stockholders?
4: Economists define costs in terms of opportunities forgone. What opportunities are forgone by Wal-Mart’s “everyday low price” marketing strategy? Who pays the costs of Wal-Mart’s low prices?
5: Wal-Mart’s wages are above the legally required minimum wage, and health benefits are not legally mandated. Are there reasons for a business to take actions not required by law that might reduce profits?
6: Does Wal-Mart have any responsibilities to its suppliers other than those specified in their contracts?

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